Zaman Makina Taahhüt Metal İmalat San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.

Metallvearbeitung: Gießerei, Metallvearbeitung: Halbzeuge, Metallvearbeitung: Industrielle Verbindungselemente, Metallvearbeitung: Zerspannen, Metallverabeitung: Eisenmetalle, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Metallverabeitung: Nichteisenmetalle, Metallverabeitung: Veredelung, thermische und Oberflächenbehandlung
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Dreh- / Fräszentrum (Unıversal ), Bearbeitungszentrum - 4 Achsen (OKUMA ), Drehmaschine (Unıversal ), Schweißmaschine
Verarbeitete Materialien
Metalle Eisen, Metalle Nichteisenmetalle, Stahl, Rostfreier Stahl, Zink/Zink-Legierungen, Aluminium, Kupfer, Messing, Bronze, Polyamid (PA), Thermoplaste, Chrome, Invar
Verteidigung/Sicherheit/Militär, Automotive, Maschinenbau/Maschinenwerkzeuge, Stahl/Metalle
Metal parts,Metal processing,metal processing, aluminium,aluminium metal processing
Metal processing,Realization and assembly of metallic parts,Ferrous metals,Metal processing services,Automotive equipment and construction machinery,Demanding applications in automotive industry

Zaman Makina Taahhüt Metal İmalat San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
Organize Industry Zone 16. Street No 24 Kayseri/TURKEY
Ersin ATEŞ
D.U.N.S numero
VAT number
Our company was founded with the name of “Zaman Makina Ltd.” in 1997. Zaman Makina manufactures, assembles and sub-assembles all types of parts industry requires and runs functional tests under formal technical regulations especially for automotive industry. In addition, the R&D activities are continued to improve knowledge, production techniques and technology. All these processes and parts manufacturing are conducted under the regulations of signed contracts.Zaman Makina’s primary priority is to produce quality parts. Hence, our company uses high technology, high precise CNC machines to produce parts for homeland Turkey and for exporting around the world. Our companies machines has 43200 Hour/Year machining capacity.Zaman Makina Ltd.Şti. works a lot of big company since founded year. Please visit our website and you can look our referances. For more detailed information about our company, please visit our web site
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