Metal4Design JSC

Tier 1
Metallvearbeitung: Halbzeuge, Metallverabeitung: Eisenmetalle, Modelle/Muster/Prototypen, Schweißen
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Andere (- ), Biegemaschine / Rohr (- ), Bohrgerät (- ), Bohrzentrum (- ), Eloxieren - Behandlungslinie (- ), Galvanisieranlage (- ), Hydraulikpresse (- ), MIG-Schweißen (- ), Oberflächenrauheitsmessgerät (CNC ), Passivierung - Behandlungslinie (- ), Plane Schleifmaschine (- ), Poliermaschine (MIG + TIG ), Roboterschweißen (- ), Säule-Bohrmaschine (- ), Schweißmaschine (- ), Vernickeln - Verarbeitungslinie (- ), WIG-Schweißen (- )
Verarbeitete Materialien
Aluminium, Chrome, Kohlenstoffstahl, Kupfer, Nickel, Rostfreier Stahl, Stahl, Zink/Zink-Legierungen
Automotive, Engineering/Konstruktion/Forschung, Landwirtschaft, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Möbel , Stahl/Metalle
Prototypes,Metal frames,table legs,OUTDOOR FURNITURE,In & outdoor furniture,Furniture frames,Chair frames,High end furniture,Balance discs,Indoor furniture,Metal elements for automotive
Cutting,Soldering,Grinding,Powder coating,Polishing,2D and 3D wire bending,Electroplating,Anodizing,2D and 3D tube bending,Flat belt bending,MIG TIG robotic welding,MIG TIG manual welding,Chrome plating (Cr3+),Engineering assistance

Metal4Design JSC
Dumu str. 3, Vilnius, LT-11119, Lithuania
+ 370 61621568
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Metal4Design specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom made metal elements of automotive and furniture for home and office furniture as well as shop fittings and HORECA sector. Metal4Design's team has been catering to our clients’ needs in the international market for over 26 years! Work closely with our customers to provide the right bespoke manufacturing solution for each unique product as understanding that each high quality product has it own sets of demands.We are:Results Driven - Our core business activities will be high performing, profitable and focused on customer satisfaction.Customer Focused - We will undertake our customers' diverse challenges to deliver sustainable solutions. Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliabilityIntegrity - Our employees will conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies respect, honesty, accountability and reliability.Innovative - We will instill a pioneering spirit and continuously develop new and technologically advanced solutions and initiatives.Open communications - We will foster open communications, both internally and externally.Receptive To Change - We will see opportunities, remove barriers and commit to improvement. We will work hard to build acceptance and engagement through collaboration, engagement and inclusion.