Laser Style

Metallvearbeitung: Halbzeuge, Metallvearbeitung: Zerspannen, Metallverabeitung: Eisenmetalle, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Metallverabeitung: Schneiden & Ziehen , Metallverabeitung: Veredelung, thermische und Oberflächenbehandlung
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Biegemaschine / Rohr, Laserschneiden - Flachprodukte, Guillotine
Verarbeitete Materialien
Stahl, Rostfreier Stahl, Zink/Zink-Legierungen, Aluminium
Möbel , Industrielle Zulieferer, Maschinenbau/Maschinenwerkzeuge, Geräteherstellung
Industrial equipment,Metal parts,Metal structures for furniture,Metalic furniture,Metal frames,Sheet metal parts,Industrial sheet metal tools,Metal pieces,Electrical box in metal,Metal boxes,Metal sheets,Metal products,Metal sheet parts,Powder Metal components,Sheet steels,aluminium metal processing
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Laser Style
kv. Benkovski, 32 Oralica Str.
Denitsa Ivanova
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Laser Style is a company that specializes in the sheet metal working, production of metal parts, metal products and metal inserts. It was founded in 2003 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Laser Style provides its customers and partners high quality products in the short term at attractive prices. We are operating as a subcontractor we are fully oriented towards external customers. Laser Style provides services of best quality and satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers.Our company has its own industrial building where Administration, Engineering Department and Workshop. Our engineers and machine operators are highly qualified for working in the specific field of sheet metal.Laser Style is a preferred subcontractor for sheet metal made details and constructions requiring excellent quality performance and on-time delivery at competitive price. This is why our portfolio consists of many companies operating in various sectors.