Engineering LTD

Tier 2
Elektrizität, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Metallverabeitung: Schneiden & Ziehen , Schweißen
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Punktschweißgerät (Welder ), Pulverbeschichtung - Behandlungslinie (Painting room ), Bieger (AMADA HFE M2 ), Laserschneiden - Flachprodukte (TRUMPF TRU LASER 3030 ), Guillotine (HACO TSX 3006 ), Stanzmaschine (TRUMPF ), Schneidpresse (HACO OMATIC 2012RH )
Verarbeitete Materialien
Energie/Kernenergie, Engineering/Konstruktion/Forschung, Maschinenbau/Maschinenwerkzeuge
Metal parts,Electric transformers

Engineering LTD
komatesko shose#en
+359 885 080 894
Ivelin Donchev
D.U.N.S numero
VAT number
Engineering EAD has two main activities: Manufacturing; Turnkey engineering services;The company offers design, production, delivery and installation of complex electrical equipment for the construction business, as well as, automation of production lines and equipment for the manufacturing industry. It also provides design, production, delivery and installation of PV projects and lighting equipment for industrial, street, office, and park applications.In order to guarantee the successful completion of the projects the company has modern manufacturing facilities for metal sheet cutting, metal processing, pressing, welding, powder coating and assembly of metal structures. The facilities produce our own brand of metal panel boxes – FILBOX, as well as, various types of electrical switchboards, complete concrete transformer stations (CCTS), PV inverter stations, complete distribution substations, power distribution switchboards.
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