Aquairon LTD.

Tier 1
Metallvearbeitung: Gießerei, Metallvearbeitung: Schmiede, Metallverabeitung: Eisenmetalle, Metallverabeitung: Herstellung, Metallverabeitung: Nichteisenmetalle
Spezialisierte Ausrüstung
Andere (Power hammer ), Drehbank CNC - 4 Achsen, Schnellen Bohrfortschritt, Punktschweißgerät, 3D Drucker, Lackierkabine, Injektor-Sandstrahlkabine, Profilbiegemaschine, Schweißmaschine, MIG-Schweißen, WIG-Schweißen, Portalkran/Brückenkran , Crimpvollautomat, Guillotine, Brennschneiden , Säule-Bohrmaschine, Schneidpresse, Hydraulikpresse
Verarbeitete Materialien
Metalle Eisen, Metalle Nichteisenmetalle, Aluminium, Kupfer, Messing, Bronze
Bauwesen/Konstruktion, Möbel , Stahl/Metalle
Railings,Metal structures for furniture,Steel furniture,Balustrades,OUTDOOR FURNITURE,Gates,Doors,Facade balconies,Brass ornaments,Canopies
Metal processing,Manufacturing,Manufacturing of non-standard products

Aquairon LTD.
Bulgaria, Varna, 9021, m-t “Borovec-Yug”, Stopanski Dvor
Kalina Petrova
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AQUAIRON Ltd was founded in 1993 in the city of Rousse as a successor to a family tradition in wrought iron. The leading principle of its technological process is the use of traditional methods and techniques in the field of wrought iron and blacksmith crafts preserved and passed over the generations.We produce interior and exterior wrought iron structures following proprietory or customer’s design. We feel at ease with a great variety of architectural styles by employing entirely hand-made ornaments, which make our products fully and truly unique!The company has focussed its activities on the design and construction of metal structures: from light pavillions and public places of entertainment to large exhibit marquees and industrial halls.Over the years we began to manufacture structures of stainless steel and brass. Our range of services includes the whole process from designing the models up to their realization into a final product.We have successfully realized numerous projects in Bulgaria, England and other European countries.

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