Zincral Revestimentos , Lda.

Tier 2
Основна дейност
Металообработка: Довършителни, термични и повърхностни обработки, Металообработка: Леярна, Металообработка: Промишлени крепежни елементи, Металообработка: Цветни метали, Металообработка: Черни метали
Специализирано оборудване
Линия за никелиране , Линия за пасивиране
Обработвани материали
Черни метали, Цветни метали, Стомана, Бронз, Никел
Сфера на приложение
Автомобилостроене, Мебелна, Индустриални подизпълнители, Машиностроене, Услуги, Металообработка, Производство на оборудване
Coating part
Finishing, thermal and surface treatments

Zincral Revestimentos , Lda.
Rua da Zona Industrial, n.º 39 3870-195 Murtosa
Лице за контакти
Simão Costa
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ДДС Номер
Who we are-------ZINCRAL;Revestimentos, lda. We are specialized in the application of electrolytic zinc on all types of metallic pieces, has a factory of more than 2500m2 in the industrial state Murteira, Aveiro, in which it develops several automatized lines of production: , zinc, (Rack & Barrel) silver , tin, copper plating/bonding,, descaling and passivation of stainless steels------The chemical procedures we usein all our processes and our enviromental protection plan, will guarantee a fully satisfaction of our customer´s needs, respecting enviromental, actually we have implemated our quality management system and we are a certified company with the current normatives , ENISO9001 and recently with the IATF -16949 ---- Our Core Business-Automotive equipment and metallic coumpounds, demanding applications for surface traitement in electrolytic zinc , zinc -níquel (automotive industry), in Ferrous metals, Metal processing, metal processing services, realization and assembly of metallic parts------All of our surface tratements have: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST / RUST AND CORROTION. ZINC SILVER AND TIN PLATING / COPPER BONDING CUIVRAGERESISTANCE TO STEEL CORROSION IN TIME - STAINLESS STEEL PASIVATION-----------For further information, please dont hesitate to contact us.