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Заваряване, Металообработка: Mеханична обработка, Металообработка: Довършителни, термични и повърхностни обработки, Металообработка: Полуготови изделия, Металообработка: Производство на метални структури, Металообработка: Промишлени крепежни елементи, Металообработка: Специализирани машини, Металообработка: Цветни метали, Металообработка: Черни метали, Модели/Прототипи, Обработка на фина ламарина, Промишлена поддръжка
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Машина за Шлайфане/Четкане, Линия за галванизиране , Машина за сгъване на ламарина , Огъваща машина - Тръби, МиГ заваряване , Плазмено заваряване , ТИГ заваряване , 3D Лазер, Гилотина , Радиална Пробивна машина , Бормашина , Колонна бормашина , Ултразвуков дебеломер
Обработвани материали
Черни метали, Стомана, Неръждаема стомана, Цинк/Сплави на цинк, Алуминий, Магнезий
Сфера на приложение
Отбрана/Сигурност/Военна, Автомобилостроене, Строителство, Химична, Енергетика/Ядрена енергетика, Проектиране/Дизайн/Проучване, Индустриални подизпълнители, Текстилна индустрия, Селско стопанство
Mechanical sub-systems,Metal parts,STAINLESS STEEL PARTS,Industrial sheet metal tools,Industrial machines,Atypical steel structures,Metallic structures,Industrial components,Reservoirs for industrial use

Rua Carlos Alberto Taipa Menezes Nº50 Lote 57 4470-459 Moreira da Maia
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Dionisio Vasconcelos
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Founded in 1998, the S-Square, Ltd started business providing subcontracting services in Etares assembly, hydraulics, joinery, networks Design and electrical boards, intended for the general industry. Since then, its growth and gradual development was supported by the quality, professionalism and satisfaction of its customers.In 2001, as a result of market needs and increasing workload, the S-Square, increases its staff of human resources, gain new skills that allow the company to extend its range of services. At the same time made investments in new equipment and tools they brought to the company, as an example CNC, Guillotine, Calandra, among others, that make it possible to provide a high quality service.In 2006, the S-Square starts working directly for the market, thus leaving to labor under subcontract to other companies. Currently, the S-Square provides services in terms of structuring and implementation of compressed air solutions, electrical systems, acoustic systems, equipment installation and equipment, locks, hydraulic and piping systems, maintenance of all industrial component of undertakings taking some customers like reference EFACEC Sika, Salvador Caetano, FERESP, Bial, among others.Attentive to market developments and to the demands and needs of its customers, the S-Square is a company that focuses and sustains its activity based on the constant improvement of their skills, resources and expertise, investing in expertise and constant training of its employees .