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Индустриално оборудване и аксесоари, Промишлена поддръжка, Промишлени услуги
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Стругова машина(Струг) (milling center ), Стругови/Фрезови център (lathe )
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Други (paintbrush ), Енергетика/Ядрена енергетика, Индустриални подизпълнители, Машиностроене, Околна среда, Опаковки, Проектиране/Дизайн/Проучване, Производство на оборудване
Industrial equipment,Assembly Line Industrial Automation,Automated Paintbrush Manufacturing,Paintbrush manufacturing,Specialized Industrial Equipment,Conveyor Systems Engineering,Machine Vision Sorting Solutions,Industrial Robotics,Manufacturing Environmental Sustainability,Waste Management Systems,Printing and Wrapping Machine,Automatic Walleting Machine,Packaging Machine,Shaving Machine (RAS),Paintbrush Cleaning Machine,Feed-Trimming Machine,Nailing Machine,Assembling Machine for Brushes,Dosing Machine for Epoxy Resins,Dosing Machine,Glue Dosing Machine,Knot-picking Machine,Printing Machine,Assembling Machine,folding machine wild slide,Label Application Machine,Automatic Positioner for Glue Line + Tunnel,Ferrules Loader,Ferrules Robot Loader,Paintbrushes Loader,conveyor belt,positioning machine,Automatic Glue Line with Handles Loader,Trimming Machine,Vibrating table,Industrial automation and robots
Retrofitting,machinery modernization

Via Col De Rust, 9/A 33070 Sarone di Caneva (PN) Italy
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Alex P.
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P.G. GROUP SRL stands at the forefront of industrial automation, specializing in developing and manufacturing automated lines for paintbrush production, specialized and general industrial equipment, conveyor systems, machine vision sorting systems, and industrial robotics. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to boost efficiency and productivity across various industries, with a strong commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.We are a global leader in automating the paintbrush manufacturing process, utilizing advanced technologies to ensure our clients achieve operational excellence. Our offerings extend to comprehensive industrial equipment and conveyor line engineering, aimed at enhancing production workflows. Moreover, our expertise in machine vision technologies and industrial robotics paves the way for efficient industrial waste management systems, emphasizing our dedication to environmental stewardship.**Keywords**: Industrial Automation, Automated Paintbrush Manufacturing, Specialized Industrial Equipment, Conveyor Systems Engineering, Machine Vision Sorting Solutions, Industrial Robotics, Manufacturing Environmental Sustainability, Efficient Waste Management Systems.**Contact Us**:- Website: https://thepgg.com- Email: info@thepgg.com- Telephone: +39 376 207 7510 (WhatsApp)- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@PGGroupSrl- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pggroupsrl/At P.G. GROUP SRL, we are committed to driving the future of automation, providing our clients with high-performance, reliable, and bespoke solutions that revolutionize their production capabilities and competitive edge in the global market. Connect with us to learn how we can transform your manufacturing processes through innovative automation solutions.