Основна дейност
Металообработка: Довършителни, термични и повърхностни обработки
Специализирано оборудване
Обработвани материали
Сфера на приложение
Авиация и самолетотроене, Хранително-вкусова, Електроника, Енергетика/Ядрена енергетика, Здравна/Фармацефтична, Машиностроене, Производство на оборудване
Ultrasonic units,Pneumatic actuators,Drying systems,Generators,Submersible transducers,Transducer plates
Metal processing,Finishing, thermal and surface treatments,Impact cleaning and preparation,Pollution management and prevention (for the materials treatment),Manual or automated line for the surface treatment,Special machines,Chemical and electrolytic cleaning and preparation,Water treatment : demineralized, water treatment facilities by osmosis, de-ironing,Ultrasonic procedures,Vibration welding,Hot plate welding,Infrared welding,Spin welding REK-B,Thermal procedures,Lasers welding,Paid and sample welding,Ultrasonic tanks – SW,Compact units – KT,Cleaning systems – PWA,Modular machines,Solvent cleaning machines,Inline continuous spray unit,Drying systems,Generators,Submersible transducer TSP,Transducer plates SPP,Ultrasonic/spray cleaning,Paid cleaning,Applications from A-Z

Odenwaldstrasse 8, HEPPENHEIM, 64646, Germany
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Since January 2000 KLN Ultraschall GmbH belongs to the internationally active Crest Ultrasonics Corp., Trenton/USA, New Jersey. The Crest group is situated at 20 locations in 12 countries, employing more than 1.000 employees. The complex technologies of plastic welding and the ultrasonic cleaning technology are the main fields of the group of companies. In Heppenheim a team of experts amounting to currently 200 employees deals with complex customer projects.
Wherever in the world you are and wish to work with us, you will always have at your disposal the international know-how of the entire group.
All members of the CREST group are working under the same philosophy, they are in continuous exchange of staff members, ideas, and expertise, they all have access to the entire program and can adapt our techniques to individual specifications and national standards. If you share our opinion that this is a good way to guarantee a successful business, please feel free to contact us.
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