Eurobalt Engineering

Основна дейност
Заваряване, Металообработка: Mеханична обработка, Металообработка: Коване, Металообработка: Леярна, Производство на прецизни детайли - до 10 см3
Специализирано оборудване
Обработващ център - 4 Оси, Стругови/Фрезови център, Фрезови център - 5 Оси, Машина за електроерозионно пробиване, Гравьор, Шлифовъчна машина , Стругова машина(Струг), Каруселен струг, Машина за вертикално формоване на каучук , Линия за анодиране, Антикорозионна вана, Кабина за бластиране , Кабина за балстиране с пясък , Автоматична бластираща машина , Машина за горещощамповане , Линия за никелиране , Линия за прахово боядисване , Машина за полиране , Линия за галванизиране , Машина за заваряване , Радиална Пробивна машина , Бормашина , Преса за рязане , Хидравлична преса, Ултр
Обработвани материали
Стомана, Неръждаема стомана, Въглеродна стомана, Титан, Цинк/Сплави на цинк, Алуминий, Мед, Месинг, Бронз, Никел, Хром, Кобалт, Магнезий
Сфера на приложение
Автомобилостроене, Електроника, Проектиране/Дизайн/Проучване, Индустриални подизпълнители, Машиностроене
Die casting,HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING,Machined parts,Milled parts,Pistons,Rods,Die casting parts,GEARS,Valves,Turned parts,Piston rod,Cylinder housing (body),Powder Metal components,sintered parts,powder metal parts,Shock absorber parts,Hydraulic cylinder parts,rod guides,Telescopic pistons,End cap,head glands
Die casting,Machining,Forging,Machining on machining centres,Low pressure die casting,Die-cutting machines (trimming),Machining center,Sintering,Vacuum sintering

Eurobalt Engineering
Majaka 26, 11412 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 650 60 96
Лице за контакти
Yurii Pchelintsev
D.U.N.S номер
ДДС Номер
Our company headquarters in located in Tallinn, Estonia, but the group consist of 5 companies. We have braches in Latvia and Malta, joint ventures in China and India. We provide our customers with solutions in the die-casting area. Parts delivered by Eurobalt group are used in gearbox and motor production, LED lighting and other industries. Information about our die casting possibilities can be found by this link:, our company is able to manufacture and deliver sintered parts, applied in the same gearboxes, reductors, agricultural technic, shock absorbers and variety of other industries. Detailed information about our sintering possibilities can be found at our website: also have machining equipment, which consist of 29 CNC machines, including VMC and Lathe, and we are able to post-machine our sintered or die casted parts as well as manufacture pure machining components. Our machined parts are used in hydraulic cylinders, we manufacture different kind of geared shafts, produce all kind of milled and turned components. Information: addition to our machining workshop, we have two supplementary facilities for investment casting and forging. Normally, we are trying to machine components out of blanks that we produce, recycling wastes, keeping nature clean and prices low.Additionally, we have advantage because we can optimize production technology to obtain best possible cost.We welcome you to send us inquiries for the parts that you need, from our side we will provide you with competitive price offer and our strong technical support.