EMS GROUP d.o.o.

Основна дейност
Електроенергия, Електроника: Активни компоненти , Електроника: Пасивни компоненти
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Сфера на приложение
Автомобилостроене, Електроника, Индустриални подизпълнители
Solar energy for Lighting and Communication,Elektroinstallation,BMa Technic,MSR Technic,Industry installation,Smart Home ,Elektromechanic,Elektronic,fiber optic wiring

EMS GROUP d.o.o.
Frana Galovica 16, 48000 Koprivnica
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Romana Paunovic
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Greetings, Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves in a few words.EMS GROUP d.o.o. is a strong and growing company which specialized in electronic installations, electromechanics, industrial inlays, solar panel installation, security and smart home installation, ventilation installation, and many more. We have more than 15 years of experience in electromechanics, which we have gained from working on various projects across Europe, mainly in the automotive, household and office sectors, machine wiring and automation. We are currently making an effort to expand our business and take on new projects. We would be honored to take our expertise and turn it into a successfully done project. More information can be found on our web page Über uns – EMS Group. If we caught your attention and you are interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact us. Yours Sincerely,EMS GROUP d.o.o.