Dospel S.A.

Основна дейност
Металообработка: Полуготови изделия, Пластмаси: Полуготови и готови изделия
Специализирано оборудване
3D принтер, Валци , МиГ заваряване , Оборудване за плазмено рязане , Огъваща машина - Тръби, Преса за рязане , ТИГ заваряване
Обработвани материали
Алуминий, Пластмаса, полиестер, Полиетилен (РЕ), Поликарбонат (PC), Стомана
Сфера на приложение
Индустриални подизпълнители, Строителство
STAINLESS STEEL PARTS,Heat exchangers,Wind turbines,Ventilation products,Electrical motors,INSERTS CHIMNEY
Fused deposition modeling (FDM),Assembly Processes,Semi-finished and finishing products,Semi-finished products,Subcontracting

Dospel S.A.
42-280 Czestochowa; str. Glowna 188; Poland
+48 661 968 353
Лице за контакти
Norbert Kurzeja
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ДДС Номер
DOSPEL, founded in 1974 in Czestochowa, Poland, is a well-established brand with 46 years of experience in ventilation systems. The company exports its products to over 50 countries, and is known for its focus on innovation and modern production processes. DOSPEL's range of products includes wind turbines for green energy, and it dominates the Polish ventilation market.One of the key strengths of DOSPEL is its commitment to innovation and modern production processes.Due to the wide range of products, DOSPEL has dominated the Polish ventilation market.Dospel offer includes many models of domestic fans that will not only ensure high air quality, but also aesthetically complement your interior design•industrial fans•bathroom fans•bathroom extractor fans•bathroom exhaust fans•bathroom vent fans•elements of ventilation systems•ventilation systems with recuperation •ventilation and air conditioning units for your company•ventilation systems for use in homes•industrial ventilation solutions for use in large-scale operationsOur R&D team, following new technical and technological solutions, is constantly improving the design, durability and functionality of our products. With over 50 years of experience, a commitment to innovation, and modern production processes, DOSPEL is well-positioned to continue providing its customers with the best products on the market.The quality of DOSPEL is confirmed by many certificates.Contact us for more information.